Join agreement against parental abduction: US

Background: India-US relations, International Parental Child Abduction (IPCA), Hague Abduction Convention.

  • Almost a hundred children born to Indian-American couples are facing an uncertain future due to the trauma of separation of their parents and the complex legal issues involved.
  • The United States is now urging India to join an international convention to safeguard the rights of these children.
  • Visiting Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, Michele Bond on August 23, drew attention to the fact that a growing number of children of such couples were facing difficulties due to International Parental Child Abduction and urged India to join the Hague Abduction Convention to create a more effective response to deal with such cases.
  • She said inter-country parental child abduction is a situation that is attained when one parent takes a child or children to a foreign country to prevent the other parent from seeking custody of the child.
  • Explaining that at least 90 children from 80 Indian-American families were affected by separating parents and the legal problems involved, she said that India’s case-load (regarding IPCA) is second largest in the US which is followed by Mexico.

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