MP seeks Bill to declare Pak a terrorist State

Background: India-Pakistan relations, Terrorism, Uri terror attacks, Declaration of States as Sponsor of Terrorism Bill 2016.

  • Independent Member of Parliament in the Upper House Rajeev Chandrashekhar has written to Rajya Sabha chairman Hamid Ansari giving notice to introduce a Bill to declare Pakistan a terrorist state.
  • The Bill (titled Declaration of States as Sponsor of Terrorism Bill 2016) aims at declaring some States as sponsors of terror and withdrawing economic and trade relations with the said State, creating economic and travel sanctions for citizens of the said State.
  • The text of the Bill says that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan harbours agents of terrorism and is a continual risk to the peace and security of the region.
  • The Bill has a number of prohibitions applicable to the government, citizens and corporates of a State sponsoring terror: travel in India, meaning no grant of visas; trade with India or its citizens, etc. However, the government of India is permitted to make some relaxations.
  • The Bill also lays down that any person violating the provisions of the law is punishable with imprisonment for a term extending to five years in prison, or fine, or both.  

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